Suffolk Action for Truth on SOR is a confederation of community action groups (listed below) that has formed across West Suffolk to try to ensure that the Schools Organisation Review (SOR) changes driven by Suffolk County Council (SCC) improve the educational prospects for children.

FACT: SCC is selective in its use of data
In rejecting as ‘mediocre’ the 2011 proposal to close St Louis Middle School, the Schools Adjudicator criticised SCC for selective use of data. Cllr David Nettleton agrees. In a posting on the Streetlife forum on 18 Sept 2013 he said that SCC ‘have an axe to grind’ on SOR and will not ‘produce accurate factual information’. SCC’s selective use of data is also seen when it tries to show SOR has worked elsewhere in the county. As SOR rolls into Bury St Edmunds, we hope to redress the balance. Hopefully this will help the community to understand the serious risks involved if SCC’s political dogmatism wins the day.

All-Through Schools are the better option
The school system in Bury St Edmunds is the best in Suffolk, and easily outperforms the national average at GCSE. If it isn‘t broken why fix it? But if structural change is to be forced on the town for political reasons, why does SCC offer just one 2-tier option? It will cost millions, bring significant risks to the town’s education system, decrease choice for parents and has already failed the rest of England. Meanwhile, the All-Through School (ATS) system pioneered by the Bury St Edmunds Academy Trust (BSEAT) has been recognised as a highly successful and trailblazing system. What if the other schools in Bury St Edmunds simply re-organise themselves into ATS Pyramids akin to the BSEAT system? Amongst other things, it would cost almost nothing and avoid the risks of the 2-tier plan.

Make your voice heard
As you will see, this is not a done deal - there are effective ways to stop mediocrity being forced upon us. First, you need to remember these three simple principles:

  • Principle 1) The St Edmundsbury school system isn't broken
  • Principle 2) The All-Through School system is giving the best education
  • Principle 3) The 2-tier option is risky and expensive

Then you need to decide what action you want to take. If you are a parent, if you care about education in Bury St Edmunds, get to the truth and speak up NOW!!

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